Guild Wars Damage Calculator

Weapon Min. Damage
Weapon Max. Damage
Attribute Level
Target Armor
Armor Penetration %
Weapon Prefix
Weapon Bonuses


  • Sword Dmg Range: 15-22
  • Hammer Dmg Range: 19-35
  • Axe Dmg Range: 6-28
  • Bow Dmg Range: 15-28
  • Scythe Dmg Range: 9-41
  • Daggers Dmg Range: 7-17
  • Spear Dmg Range: 14-27


  • Get damage values such as average damage, critical hit damage, and much more
  • Critical hit rate adjusted based on attribute level
  • Supports all melee weapons and bows
  • Supports non max. damage weapons
  • Accurate for Guild Wars Prophecies, Nightfall, Factions and Eye of the North (EotN)

Sample Output

Normal Damage (Without Prefix)


Average Damage

8.3Minimum Damage
38.6Maximum Damage
54.6Critical Hit Damage
23.5Average Damage (excluding critical hits)
28.9Average Damage (including critical hits)